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Gear Up - European Greens Activists Training in Malta

Call for Participants! 
The call for participants for our EGAT Training - Gear Up, is now open! The EGAT Training is part of a transnational project. The European Greens Activists Training is a training session for young green activists. The project is split over two phases: the first phase is a National Training and European Session; and the second phase, which is a briefing session and a trip to Brussels to complement the education and to meet other activists from Europe. When will these events take place? The National Training was held on Saturday 28th October, 2017 and the European Session will be held on Saturday, 18th November, 2017. 

The briefing session will take place in January and the Brussels study visit will take place in March. 
The final confirmation of these dates will be announced at a later date. 

Training in MaltaThe National Training will encompass several workshops and discussions on activism, fundraising, leadership and domestic politics. The European Session will i…

IMPACT EUROPE: Online Course for Green Activists - has been relaunched!

GEF has just relaunched their Online Course for Green Activists. The course free of charge and open to everyone.  Sign up online -  www.gef-learning.euand join the community. For any queries or question, GEF can be reached via email: and more information can be found on their website!

European Greens Activists Training preparations underway!

Preparations for our first EGAT training are underway, following a meeting with the other project partners in Serbia this month.

EGAT is a training course held across Europe organised by the Green European Foundation (GEF) to which we are partners. This is the first time that Ceratonia is participating and this year there are five partners in the project - each of which will organise their own EGAT in their countries.

The aim of the EGAT is to promote green values and to promote green politics in society. There are 4 components to the training course: National Trainings, E-learning, European sessions and a Brussels Study Trip.

We are all very excited, we have a full training program planned - so stay tuned for more details :)

On Green Economics, Migration and Climate Change

Earlier this month, Danika, one of our project co-ordinators attended the 12th Annual Green Economics Conference organised by the Green Economics Institute in Oxford. During the three day event, various topics were discussed including migration and climate change, as well as the green economic aspect of each topic.

During the event, Danika chaired three panel sessions and also gave a short talk on the migration situation in Malta.

The Green Economics Institute was established in 2004 and has now grown into a leading thinktank and development incubator for Green Economics and the Green Economy. More information on the Green Economics Institute and on the conference can be found here.

We're rebranding!

We are very excited to launch our new logo :) We're rebranding and open to new members. If you're interested in joining us, get in touch!

Impact Europe Online Course for Green Activists

Ceratonia Foundation participated in the session on Online E-learning and Green Politics workshop organised by the Green European Foundation at the Global and European Greens Congress in Liverpool. 
The online course for green activists is available online and can be accessed through this link:

European Green Activists Training

The European Green Activist Training consists of training sessions for young Green activists in two phases: the first entails national trainings on domestic politics, as well as a session on European politics and institutions; and the second brings together the activists from different countries in Brussels to complement their training by experiencing the European political dimension first-hand. The European Green Activist Training project aims at the Europeanisation of existing trainings for Green activists in several European countries by making them more European in their content, but also more co-operative, by enabling young activists to meet and network.

More information here.

Good Governance, Good Practices: Conference

In September, Green European Foundation together with Ceratonia Foundation Malta will organise a conference which will discuss examples of bad governance in Malta and at the EU level and the implications this has for Euro-scepticism and populism. Bad governance examples will be compared with good practices and Green alternatives at the European, national and local levels. The core of the debate will be to highlight where Greens have succeeded in disseminating good practices and how we can continue generating positive impacts on governance. This public event will gather Green politicians and activists, civil society activists and journalists to discuss these matters while providing a platform for networking among Greens and civil society organisations active in the field. Registration: Stay tuned
Date: 8-9 September 2017
Venue/Time: Full programme out soon Official GEF conference weblink: Click here